First Love Ministries

Fruitful from Intimacy




As a tender young seedling needs to be nurtured and cared for in order to establish a good healthy root system, the same is true with a young believer in Jesus. 
The Principles of Christ needs to be understood and experienced in order for their identity to be securely grounded.



The needs of a growing plant is different than that of a seedling. Plants need pruning and certain nutrients for optimum growth.
Deeper prayer, worship and dedication is needed to grow to the next level. Give yourself completely, lavishly and without compromise to seek more of Jesus.



Bearing the fruit of the Spirit will always result in multiplication. Then going on to bear more and finally abundant fruit to glorify the Father.
You are called to go, established to grow, and make Jesus known to all nations. Starting with your family and friends.

DOTA - Discipleship Training On The Air

Download the Discipleship Manual and watch the video teachings for further explanation. 
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