First Love Ministries

Fruitful from Intimacy

Return to Your First Love

We are Henru and Yolanie, lovers of God with hearts after the Father, Son and precious Holy Spirit.


This ministry has been birthed in us over a timeframe of a few years.


Our story starts with me, Henru. I felt the call for the ministry at 19 years of age where after I became a full time volunteer at the church and started studying theology. In search of more I came out of the traditional church in June 2009 and thought that I found the answer when I started learning about the Hebrew Roots Movement.


With zeal I studied Biblical Hebrew, the Torah and the Feasts of the Lord as well as Jewish Traditions. This change in perspective felt like a second born again experience.


I taught Biblical Hebrew classes around South Africa for 5 years and was involved in Messianic ministries as a teacher.

Return to Your First Love

I met Yolanie on a tour to Israel in March 2010. We were married in November 2011 by Brad Scott, a well known Messianic teacher. The Lord called Yolanie to join me in fulltime ministry in November 2012.

After 6 and a half years by what can only be described as a Damascus road encounter, God rescued us out of the strong deception we were gripped by in believing that we were Israelites, part of the 10 lost tribes and opened our eyes to see the spirit of religion we were held hostage by.

We have a mandate to share our testimony of how Yeshua (Jesus) saved us from the destructive path of religion found in the Hebrew Roots Movement – where we saw many deny their Lord who bought them with His Blood, and to CALL God’s children everywhere BACK to their First Love, just as we were called back and had to return to the Father’s Heart through an intimate love relationship with His Son, Yeshua – Jesus Christ.

It is the same warning the church in Ephesus received in Rev. 2:4 where they had to be rebuked for forsaking their First Love.

We believe that intimacy with Yeshua (Jesus) is the only place true fruit-bearing can come from. (John 15)

We desire to see God’s people walk free from the spirit of religion, through encountering His heart and growing in their identity as sons of God and as the bride of Christ, transformed into the fullness of Yeshua – Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to raise up a church who are passionate about our Bridegroom King and who prepare for His soon return and the wedding of the Lamb.

Our hearts burn to see revival come to individuals, families, towns and the nations of the world. We believe it all starts with passionate prayer that flows out of the revelation of the cherishing heart of Yeshua (Jesus) our Bridegroom.

May you be blessed by visiting this page and be stirred in your spirit to behold YESHUA (JESUS CHRIST), the only One worthy of all glory, honor and praise forever. Amen.

In His Love
Henru and Yolanie Pieters